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    Appalachian Outdoor Adventures New River Fishing Guide Service



    AOA Rafts are equipped with bass boat type seats with pedestals. The normal fishing configuration has one fishing seat in the front of the boat and one in the rear of the boat. The guide controls the raft from the center mount oar rig in the middle. The rafts are equipped with state of the art aluminum frames providing large stable platforms. Fishermen have full control from the swivel seats and can stand and walk about the raft. This gives fly fishermen the perfect setup to operate. Our larger cataraft can be equipped with four seats that can accommodate a family of three or four.

    Fishing Gear

    Anglers should bring their own personnel gear (rainwear, sunglasses, etc.) and their favorite fishing pole and tackle. AOA guide Charlie always brings several extra rods and reels for your use and the most productive fishing lures for the time of year and water conditions.

    Trip Duration

    Most of our day trips are 6 to 9 miles in length and may last from 8 to 10 hours. Starting times are flexible but we recommend an early start.